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“Luis Gerard’s THE WAKE Got An Honorable Mention At Cleveland International Film Festival”

Luis Gerard’s THE WAKE Has Just Won First Runner Up At The Oscar Qualifying Cleveland International Film Festival

The film stars Emmy winner Isaac Kragten (Luckiest Girl Alive), introduces Zander Colbeck-Bhola, Robert Fulton (Murdoch Mysteries) and two-time Gemini Award winner Patty Sullivan


THE WAKE shares the story of a young deaf boy Martin (played by Zander Colbeck-Bhola) who looks up to his older brother and follows him, even at times when he shouldn’t. Zander Colbeck-Bhola comes from a large deaf family. All the cast learnt sign language for this film.


A restless 15-year-old has spent his life surrounded by death, raised in his parents’ funeral business in “small town USA.” He views his alcoholic father as profiting from the dead. While a wake is held in his parents’ funeral home, he breaks into the deceased’s house, counting on it being empty. In his view, the dead no longer needs what he pockets. He recruits his deaf-mute younger brother to join him in his robberies, unaware of what the consequences may be.


Writer, director and producer Luis Gerard studied at the University of Puerto Rico where he began making films. His very first film QUE SERA was in the official selection of the prestigious Venice Film Festival and his second short ABSOLUTION was selected at The Sitges Film Festival. Branching into feature work, Gerard recently directed the second unit for HUSTLE a basketball drama starring Adam Sandler, produced by Netflix, and scheduled for release in June of 2022.


THE WAKE is Gerard’s third short film, a proof of concept for a feature film currently in development. Luis is currently preparing his first film WHERE ONLY THE DEVIL DARES, which he wrote and plans to go into production in 2022.


The stunning cinematography was created by Christopher Mably (Star Trek Discovery), who also serves as the film’s Executive Producer. Josias Tapia (She’s Gotta Have It) joins Mably as EP. THE WAKE was expertly crafted by Adam Schwartz and the beautiful music by Jay Wadley.


THE WAKE just won a Jury Award at the Thomas Edison Film Festival.

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75th Locarno Film Festival Line-up.

Piazza Grande

Last Dance
Directed by Delphine Lehericey

Piazza Grande

Cast: François Berléand, Kacey Mottet Kein, La Ribot, Déborah Lukumuena,
Astrid Whettnall, Jean-Benoît Ugeux, Sabine Timoteo, Anna Pieri,
Dominique Reymond, Lisa Harder, Luc Bruchez

2022 – Switzerland / Belgium – 84′ – v.o. French

Germain, an introspective retiree, abruptly becomes a widower at 75. He barely has the time to realize what has happened to him before his family forces their way into his daily life: non-stop phone calls and visits, meals and activities organized in advance – all meant to make his life as regular as clockwork. But Germain’s mind is elsewhere. Honoring a promise he made to his dear departed wife, he suddenly finds himself at the heart of a contemporary dance company’s newest work.

Sunday 7 21:30-22:54 Teatro Kursaal P&I
Monday 8 21:30-22:54 Piazza Grande

Concorso internazionale

Il Pataffio
Directed by Francesco Lagi

WORLD PREMIERE,Concorso Internazionale

Cast: Lino Musella, Giorgio Tirabassi, Viviana Cangiano, Giovanni Ludeno,
Vincenzo Nemolato, Alessandro Gassmann, Valerio Mastandrea

Italy, Belgium – 2022 – 117’ – o.v. Itanian

An unlikely group of soldiers and courtiers led by Marcount Berlocchand his new bride Bernarda take possession of a distand fief. But their castle is a decrepit dump and their villages aren’t willing to be ruled. Profane appetites and sacred yearnings, sloppy guards and poor rascals, in a fantastic Middle Age tale of freedom, hunger, sex and power.

Saturday 6 08:50-10:45 Teatro Kursaal P&I
Saturday 6 16:45-18:40 Fevi (intro + Q&A)
Sunday 7 11:15-13:10 l’altra sala
Sunday 7 15:30-17-25 Cinema Otello @ Ascona
Lundi 8 21:30-23:25 Palacinema 1

Concorso internazionale

WORLD PREMIERE Concorso Internazionale

Stella est amoureuse / Stella in Love
Directed by Sylvie Verheyde

Cast: Marina Foïs, Benjamin Biolay, Flavie Delangle

France – 2022 – 110’ – o.v. French

For Stella, it’s her final year. But she says she doesn’t care! That year, she discovers the famous Parisian club, the Bains Douches, 80’s and its crazy nights. Her friends are just studying, her father has left with another woman and her mother is depressed. And then there is André who dances like a God… That year will decide her whole life. She pretends not to think about it…

Saturday 6 14:00-15:50 Teatro Kursaal P&I
Sunday 7 14:00-15:50 Fevi (intro & Q&A)
Monday 8 10:30-12:20 Cinema Otelio @ Ascona
Monday 8 18:00-19:50 l’Altra Sala
Tuesday 9 21:00-22:50 La Sala

Concorso Cineasti del presente

Petites / Little Ones
Directed by Julie Lerat-Gersant

Cast: Pili Groyne, Romane Bohringer, Victoire Du Bois, Lucie Charles-Alfred,
Suzanne Roy-Lerat, Bilel Chegrani

France – 2022 – 90’ – v.o. French

Pregnant, 16-year-old Camille is placed in a home for teen mothers by a family court judge. Separated from her own loving yet toxic mother, she strikes up a friendship with Alison, another rather immature underage mother, and rebels against the social worker Nadine, a passionate, albeit blasé authority figure. These encounters will radically change her destiny.


Saturday 6 16:30-18:00 Teatro Kursaal P&I
Sunday 7 11:30-13:00 PalaCinema 1 (intro + Q&A)
Monday 8 18:30-20:00 Cinema Otello @Ascona (Q&A)
Monday 8 21:00-22:30 L’altra Sala (Q&A)
Tuesday 9 13:30-15:00 PalaCinema 2 & 3 (Q&A)

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Borders of Love by Tomasz Wiński wins Fipresci prize from the Crystal Globe Competition at the 56th Karlovy Film Festival

Borders Of Love By Tomasz Wiński Wins Fipresci Prize From The Crystal Globe Competition At The 56th Karlovy Film Festival

The International Federation of Film Critics Jury awards two FIPRESCI Prizes to films from the Crystal Globe Competition and from the Proxima Competition that best promote film art and encourages new and young cinema.


Fipresci Jury
Nada Azhari Gillon, France
Britt Sørensen, Norway
Adam Kruk, Poland
Gulnara Abikeyeva, Kazakhstan
Rasha Hosny, Egypt
Marek Čermák, Czech Republic

The FIPRESCI award for the best film in the Crystal Competition
Borders of Love / Hranice lásky
Directed by: Tomasz Wiński
Czech Republic, Poland, 2022

Hana (Hana Vagnerová) is starting to feel that her relationship with Petr (Matyáš Řezníček) is getting into a rut. So she decides to liven thing up and starts sharing her erotic fantasies and secret desires with him. It’s just a small step from words to action. Soon they are exploring their own intimacy, trying experiences with other partners and increasingly pushing the limits of just how far they can go in love and sex. However, such an experiment with freedom can easily get out of hand…

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Ellie Heydon, Lucy Heath and Phil Dunster’s comedy short PRAGMA to premiere at Tribeca Film Festival

Ellie Heydon, Lucy Heath And Phil Dunster’s Comedy Short PRAGMA To Premiere At Tribeca Film Festival

PRAGMA was written by Lucy Heath, who looks at love from a more practical and analytical perspective. The film took inspiration from infamous dating institutes like Love Island and funnels them through a more holistic, Brené Brown-esque lens. Ellie Heydon directs this British romantic comedy and Olivier Nominated, SAG Award Winning Actor Phil Dunster makes his producing debut.

“At PRAGMA we teach you to stand in love, rather than fall in it’
PRAGMA is the ultimate extension of online dating; an institute where young graduates are algorithmically matched and partake in a series of hilariously intense compatibility assessments (lead by Nick Mohammed) to find them their perfect ‘life partner’.

Ellie Heydon is a Director with a background in theatre and dramaturgy. As an actor, she worked as a series regular on HARLOTS for BBC and Hulu, as well as several international feature films, for which she has won 9 ‘Best Supporting Actress Awards. She has been directing since 2017. Ellie co-founded Siberian Lights, a platform working to unite, celebrate and provide opportunities for female-identifying creatives around the world.

Lucy Heath is a multi-award winning writer and actress. Lucy’s last film BETTER, directed by BAFTA Award Winner Michael J Ferns, won the prestigious Iris Prize, screened at Raindance Film Festival and featured on Channel 4 and Apple TV. BETTER received 5 stars from Indie Shorts Mag, she also received a nomination for Best Actressat the British Short Film Awards.

The film is produced by Phil Dunster, alongside Fay Mohamed and the beautiful cinematography was created by Simona Susnea. PRAGMA will screen at Tribeca Film Festival on Friday, 10th June at 9:15 pm and Wednesday 15th June at 9 pm.

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